CTF Team at the University of British Columbia

Maple Bacon 1337 Challenges

Thanks for trying out this year’s 1337 challenges! Although the 1337 role is no longer obtainable, you can find all challenge files and resources below.

All flags will begin with the prefix maple{. You can find last year’s challenges here.

Note: Some challenges will require you to connect to a remote server. Netcat (abbreviated as nc) is a simple tool installable on Mac/Linux that makes this easy: connect to a server with nc <ip> <port>. Netcat is used mainly for remote, text-based connections. For example, entering the command nc 1337.maplebacon.org 4000 in your terminal will let you interact with the first part of the Miscellaneous challenge.

If you’re using Windows, we highly recommend installing Windows Subsystem for Linux - feel free to ask for help if you’re having trouble setting anything up.

These 1337 challenges are designed to be approachable by beginners - our goal is to make them slightly challenging, exposing you to new CTF concepts without requiring advanced technical knowledge. Challenges with some harder concepts have additional resources or guides associated with them that explain prerequisite knowledge you may need. Remember: if you get stuck, join us in the #1337-challenges channel on our Discord to receive hints and share ideas with others!

Good luck!

Miscellaneous - The Return of 110

Author: Arctic

Hey you. You’re finally awake. You were trying to cross into second year, right? Walked right into that ambush, same as us, and that cpen student over there. Damn you Gregor. CPSC 110 was imperative until you came along. Programming was nice and easy.

Part 1 will put you in a jail with no restrictions to let you get used to the basics. Connect with nc 1337.maplebacon.org 4000.

Part 2 will put you in a jail with quite a few restrictions that you’ll have to work around. Connect with nc 1337.maplebacon.org 4001.

Submit the part 1 and part 2 flags together! For example - if you get maple{ab for Part 1 and cdef} for Part 2, submit maple{abcdef} as one flag.


If you have racket installed locally, use racket -t jail1.rkt to run the jail locally.

See our guide on what “jail challenges” are in CTFs!

Reversing - Rando

Author: Desp

This guy keeps taunting me for not being able to guess his flag :( Surely there’s a better way to this, right?



Pwn - X86 Playground

Author: Desp

Let’s see how creative you can be in coming up with shellcodes!

Connect with nc 1337.maplebacon.org 1337 and provide the payload you designed.



Web - Cat Clickr

Author: JJ

hey everybody!! imade my first website and its AWESOME!!!

if u dig closely u might even find some secrets…

check it out here: 1337.maplebacon.org


Cryptography - The Matrix Exchange

Author: vEvergarden

Alice and Bob are having a great time exchanging their little secret messages… until they realize they’re living in a simulation.

Check out our guide for an introduction to Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange and a story of Alice and Bob’s adventures!